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I paid 277.00 for a round trip ticket for my 15 year old son to travel to Virginia Beach for Thanksgiving. My son is over six feet tall and he is very mature for his age.

He got all the details for his trip and worked very ahrd to contribute money towards it. We were told by the employee of Trailways in New Paltz, NY that he did not have to reissue his ticket at the Port Authority in NYC and that he had all the tickets to leave NYC & travel to Norfolk,VA then to Virginia Beach.

In NYC he was told there was no bus to Norfolk, instead he had to take a old crappy uncomfortable bus to Richmond where he was stuck in the bus depot from 4am to 7am so he could get the bus to Norfolk. I tried to complain and needless to say Trailways is blaming Greyhound and not taking any responsability for this huge screw up!

Monetary Loss: $277.

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He got to his destination, didn't he? If he is as tall as you say and as mature as you say, he should be perfectly OK.

Expecting a refund after he got to his destination is just like if you go to a restaurant and order a meal, then after you have eaten it decide to complain that it was unfit to eat and wanting your money back. Basically that amounts to theft.

to Joan #1045776

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I am very afraid for his trip home. God knows where he may end up.

I think I should be refunded for the trip down and if his trip back is awful I deserve my money back for entire round trip ticket.

He may be a big smart kid but as a mother this is terrifing. :upset

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