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ONLINE TICKETS ARE A REVENUE SCAM FOR THE COMPANY! Trailways NY did not honor a ticket that I purchased online.

I was required to purchase a second ticket and they will not refund the ticket purchased on-line. I used a mobile device to purchase my on-line ticket and did not notice the information provided off-screen, unless I scrolled to the right, that said I had to print the ticket. I was emailed a pdf, and didn't notice the fine print buried in the legal disclaimers which says tickets must be printed. When I arrived and showed the driver the pdf of the ticket on my phone, he said he couldn't take it.

We even stopped at a Trailways office to try to get them to take my ticket, and agent couldn't/wouldn't deal with it. My only option at that time was to purchase a 2nd ticket and eat the first ticket. Burying key information in legal disclaimers and/or off-screen seems borderline illegal in the day and age of etickets.

Mind you, the pdf ticket I received was even titled "eticket". Apparently NOT!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's called a Print At Home Ticket for a reason.

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