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People with disabilties have the right ti be treated as equal and just be ause a d7sabled man in a a wheel chair wants ti get of for breaks he or sge should gladly do it without beimg r7fe or cindesending. Amd he shouldnt tatget other older dusable people either when they openly state that the persin in the wheel chair ahoukd be treated as an equal.

Not blame thrm fir a chair thry didnt move. I helped moved rmthe wheel chair. Another gentleman moved the seat but he threatemed to thriw me off the bus. This is disoarity of treatment and a violation on many counts violation of our ada rights.

Maybe you shoukd train your people with patience and undestandimg and what can kand tailways in a kaw suit. I didmt move the seat onmy the wheel chaor bevause your bus driver ignored the qustion for help but then threatened to throw me off but not the caucasian folks threatenkng spit balks or apray8ng pefume.

They at keast get athe courtesy of not be spoken to like a criminalistic low life. Uo your custiner service and rid yourself of people sho hate hwlping others

Today aug 15, 2018 frombillings mo to sioux falks at 2:09pm

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